Innovations for textile value creation

Our network pursues the following technical / technological goals::

Innovation line 1

  • Development of new resource-efficient technologies for the continuous production of load-adapted textile semi-finished products for fiber-reinforced plastics

Innovation line 2

  • Development of innovative technologies for the production of heavy-duty textile structures and semi-finished products with further use of cutting residues and recycled fibers for use in FRP-components

The network faces the following overarching challenges:

Material and structure level

  • Optimal combinations in terms of fiber type and fiber type
  • Optimal integration of waste fibers and recycled fibers
  • Power flow and load path-oriented arrangement of the fibers
  • Design of drapable structures with high impregnation ability
  • Ensuring low material costs

Process level:

  • Design of innovative textile processes by combining them with other processes (paper technology, fiber-blowing technology, tapes, etc.)
  • Ensuring minimal fiber damage
  • Designing high volume continuous and flexible processes at low cost

As a result, the following effects should be achieved with these innovation lines:

  • Qualitative and quantitative optimization of the use of fibers in textile structures and starting materials (“The optimum fiber in the optimum amount at the optimum location”)
  • Reduction or avoidance of production waste and waste in the production of semi-finished textile products
  • Efficient re-use of already produced production waste
  • Efficient reintegration of recycled fibers at a high quality level