Affordable lightweight construction for large-scale production

Under this vision, various players with their specific competencies from research and industry are cooperating at the tradition-rich textile location to jointly develop and market innovative solutions for promising textile key technologies in lightweight construction. This alliance with more than 200 partners from industry and science stands in Saxony’s textile tradition and connects it with the future.

The Alliance for Textile Lightweighting (ATL) represents the participating research institutions in Chemnitz: the Chemnitz University of Technology, Institute for Structural Lightweight Construction, the Saxon Textile Research Institute e. V., the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU/research area STEX and the Cetex Institut gGmbH.

The thermoPre e. V., which emerged from a regional growth core, links companies and research institutions in the field of developing innovative fiber composites for large-scale production.

The involved networks FÜKOMP_hybrid, RESSOURCETEX and RE4TEX form independent areas of competence and hubs for cooperation with industrial companies and knowledge and technology transfer and thus an integral part of the Chemnitz lightweight construction strategy.