Fiber-reinforced plastic composites with their high lightweight design potential are the materials of the 21st century. At the same time, however, these new materials are in tough competition with traditional materials. Steel and aluminum in particular offer advantages with regard to the market price and the highly developed and long established processing technologies. In order to be successful in this competition, it must be possible to produce, process and reuse in particular these reinforcing textile and fiber-based structures cost-effectively.

The network develops and offers smart solutions for

  • Continuous production of load-adapted semi-finished textile products for fiber-reinforced plastics
  • manufacture of heavy-duty textile structures and semi-finished products by using fiber residues and recycled fibers for lightweight composite components


  • Optimal use of fibers by combining different fiber types
  • Reduction and avoidance of waste
  • Further use of existing production waste at a high quality level
  • Efficient reintegration of „end-of-life“ fibers into the value creation process

Optimized properties and costs for lightweight components