Graphic papers, packaging papers, hygiene papers and specialty papers are the relevant main types of paper that we use on a daily basis and which all go through a fundamentally similar manufacturing process.

“What raw materials are used to make paper?”, “How does a paper machine work?”, “How is waste paper incorporated into production?” and “How is cellulose turned into surface-finished paper?”, these questions and many more will be answered in the seminar event “Introduction to Paper Production”.

The four-day seminar is divided into 4 thematic modules:

  • Fiber raw materials of the paper industry, fiber production and preparation – Module 1 l 11.10. & 12.10.2021
    Registration & Information
  • Quality control and paper machine – Module 2 l 12.10. & 13.10.2021
    Registration & Information incl. visit to pilot plant facilities Stock Preparation & Paper Machine
  • Effect and optimal use of chemical additives – Module 3 l 13.10. & 14.10.2021
    Registration & Information
  • Coating Technology – From Dispersion to Finished Coat – Module 4 l 14.10. & 15.10.2021
    Registration & Information incl. visit of the technical center facilities coating & surface coating
  • *Visit of the pilot plant facilities during a presence event

Professionals who have now become part of the paper producing or converting industry, people interested in the topic of “paper” and experts from the “supply chain” of paper will receive a compact and detailed overview of the entire process of paper production!