Modern self-adhesive labels consist of a multilayer combination of coated and uncoated base papers, plastic films, pressure-sensitive adhesives and printing stocks. The diverse possibilities in the composition of this composite lead to end products with diverse property profiles.

Learn about the interaction of the individual components as well as the testing of such material composites using a variety of measuring methods in the basic course “Adhesive labels – Production. Testing. Application.”

Part 1: Production and processing

  • Production and properties of pressure sensitive laminates, papers for labels, plastic films.
  • Further processing: die cutting, printing and finishing

Part 2: Material testing

  • Test methods for pressure sensitive laminates, labels and labelings
  • Relevant measurement methods for assessing the material properties of pressure sensitive laminates, e.g. FINAT methods, surface and optical properties

Part 3: Topics relevant to the industry

  • Research projects PTS
  • Sustainability and Recycling
  • Current challenges of the label industry

Event information:

  • Date: Monday, 13.06. to Tuesday, 14.06.2022
  • Venue: Pullman Hotel Dresden Newa
  • Price: 980,00 € net
  • Donor discount: If your company is a member of a PTS Stifterverband, you will receive a 10% discount on the list price, regardless of when you book.
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