Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, the PaperDocAnalytics platform offers insights into solutions and problems in paper production.

Developers, process engineers and researchers can use PaperDocAnalytics to search for solutions to problems in paper production. The basis is the research database of the PTS and the VDP (Verband Deutscher Papierfabriken e.V.). In addition, the system also has access to patents from IPC D. The aim of the PaperDocAnalytics project is to set up a cognitive assistance system that provides quick and efficient recommendations for action in the event of process and quality deviations, thereby increasing the company’s effectiveness.

Unlike knowledge in the form of employees or data in individual companies, PaperDocAnalytics should be a sustainable solution that is fed from the knowledge of the entire industry, from manufacturers, suppliers and processors and is internationally networked. Using digital questionnaires or interactive solution portals, problem scenarios (e.g. when determining the causes of paper errors) can be evaluated using an artificial intelligence system.

In this online event you will learn how neural networks and deep learning can decisively improve the quality in the production process and how problem solving can be accelerated.

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