There are over 350 test methods for paper, cardboard and packaging, which of them are relevant and which best characterize my material? These and other detailed questions are answered in the 4-day “Testing of paper, cardboard and packaging” course on modern standard and special tests. Together with a basic introduction to the classification of materials, the identification of fibers, the preparation of samples and the implementation of test procedures, the course provides you with a practical and holistic insight!

  • You can also expect a varied practical part:
  •  Practical presentation of the most important test procedures for paper & cardboard: standard and special tests
  • Test procedures are shown in real life
  • Bring your own materials to the demonstration!
  • Guided tour through the PTS technical center

Information & registration:

  • Date: Monday, November 9th. until Thursday, November 12th, 2020
  • Venue: Paper Technology Foundation, Heidenau near Dresden§  Event execution: hygiene, distance & limited number of participants
  • Registration & prices: here